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Authorized Retaliers

Do not buy PupSaver on sites such as Jumada, Love Me Love My Dog, etc.

PupSaver.com is the only Authorized Retailer of the PupSaver line of products.

It has come to our attention that websites are advertising our PupSaver on their site, claiming an impossibly low price (well below our actual manufacturing cost!). Imagine the frustration when an unsuspecting dog owner buys one of these incredibly discounted PupSavers, and never received their product because the site is a scam.

We've seen this happen far too often, and we are ardently working with our lawyer to remove our product images from these scam websites. 

The only authorized place to purchase your PupSaver and our other products is on our website, PupSaver.com. 

We will update this page as we on-board new online-and-offline retailers. 

Jumada is a SCAM store

Websites that are claiming to be PupSaver Authorized Retailers cannot fulfill orders. We do not send our product to them, and therefore, they will have nothing to send to you. Do not trust the following sites:

  • Jumada Stores
  • Love Me Love My Dog (Facebook Group)


If you know of other sites claiming to sell PupSaver products, please contact us and let us know!