Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue + PupSaver Fundraiser!

Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue Is At Risk Of Closing Their Doors Permanently!

$25 of your PupSaver seat purchase, from 8/20/19- 9/20/19, will go to this very deserving cause:)

Watch the short ABC 7 News story, featuring RMFBR's founder, here:

We were so touched when we read the story of Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue, we wanted to jump in and help out any way we could. Their founder, Kelly Money, is a former Special Ed teacher with a huge heart and a mission to help the truly needy. That mission led her to take on some of the hardest medical cases in the French Bulldog rescue world -- IVDD, paralyzed dogs and dogs with other extraordinarily expensive health issues. These dogs are not only costly to take care of, they are harder to foster and ultimately adopt out to loving homes. The challenge was readily accepted by Kelly and RMFBR, but the funds are coming up short, as they almost always do in the rescue world. These special needs pups absolutely need Kelly and RMFBR - to lose this rescue would be detrimental to the entire area that RMFBR covers (they are the only French Bulldog specific rescue within 1500 miles from her location to the West Coast)! They have put new intakes on hiatus for now and could be forced to close down their operations altogether if funding doesn't come soon...

In this case, the best way to assist RMFBR is by sending a check, so we are donating $25 from the sale of each PupSaver from 8/20/19 - 9/20/19 to RMFBR to help them keep those doors open!

Our hope is that by helping get the word out through this fundraiser, donations will also come from YOU, our amazing customers, fans and friends and that our check will just be the start of a successful campaign to keep this wonderful rescue afloat. 

Read all about Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue here -

And THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We love all dogs, but the special needs pups hold a special place in our hearts. Your purchase this month WILL SAVE LIVES!