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12 Days FREE *WITH PURCHASE* PupSaver Leash!!

12 Days FREE *WITH PURCHASE* PupSaver Leash!!

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PupSaver Red Nylon Loop Leash - Two Sizes

For the 12 Days Of PupSaver promo, this leash will be FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE of $19.95+, until 12/15/18! Leashes added to cart without additional items for purchase WILL NOT BE FULFILLED:)

Please select the preferred size and add to cart, with any qualifying purchase. 

The PupSaver Leash Comes In Two Sizes, Small and Medium Width - Please select the preferred size!

This leash is great for walks, but our favorite use is to loop it onto the top handle of the PupSaver and keep in the car for emergencies! See pics below:)


Leash Length: 5'

Small Leash Width: .5"/ Medium Leash Width: .75"

Materials: Nylon