Crash Tested Dog Safety Seats

PupSaver provides a comfy and crash test-worthy ride for dogs. Protect your pup like a baby in the car!

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Why Pupsaver?


Crash Tested

PupSaver was crash tested, by a safety design engineer, at MGA Research Corporation and exceeded the standards for infant car seats.

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Veterinarian Recommended

PupSaver's rear-facing dog safety seats are recommended time and again, by veterinarians across the country. Vets know we save lives!

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Two dogs should never sit in one seat together, but we do offer a Buy One, Get One For $40 Off Promo. Enter code "MULTIBOGO" at checkout.

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In a split second, I slammed on my brakes and saw my dog Gizmo nearly break his neck. That's when I knew...

Hi, I'm Ray Bennett and I invented the PupSaver. Back in 2006, I had my pup Gizmo in the car with me as we ran errands. A driver pulled out in front of us and I slammed on my brakes. While the cars didn't collide, Gizmo did—with the dashboard. Although he wasn't seriously injured, I knew he could have been.

That's when I knew I needed to take my experience in the auto industry and create the world's safest canine car seat. 

Watch our crash test videos here and read the firsthand testimonials of those who have had PupSaver save their buddy's life here. If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ section, please email us through the Contact Form

Our Mission Is to Save Dogs' Lives, One at a Time.

When we set out to make the PupSaver, we pulled out all the stops. We met with veterinarians, engineers from Georgia Institute of Technology, auto industry experts and infant safety seat manufacturers. The result of a decade's worth of R&D is what you see today: the only rear-facing, crash test-worthy canine safety seat on the market. PupSaver is, in fact, the only canine travel safety product to ever pass a 35 mph sled test with a seat made for dogs up to 45 pounds. The quality of these seats is of utmost importance to us, because it is the structural integrity of PupSaver seats that separate them from all other canine vehicle restraint systems. We personally guarantee every single product we sell to be 100% free of manufacturer defects. If at any point in the first 30 days you're unhappy, for any reason, with your PupSaver, just email us and we'll make it right.

We're on a mission to protect the lives of dogs, and your dog's safety is why we started this business. Thank you for trusting us with your canine safety seat purchase, and for making your dog's safety a top priority. 

At PupSaver, we also believe in the power of community outreach to save dogs' lives. And our community is made up of every charitable organization that we are able to  support through your purchases. A percentage of every PupSaver sold is donated through our rescue charity outreach program. You can read more about the wonderful rescue and animal welfare organizations that you have helped us to support here.