Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the PupSaver seat work to keep my dog safe in an accident?

Watch our crash test video here:

That crash test was conducted at MGA Research Corporation (a top NHTSA-contracted facility located in Manassas, VA) and is the RIGOROUS CANINE VARIATION OF THE FMVSS 213 - the exact test used for infant car seats and seatbelt restraints. It is a brutal looking video and you can only imagine the results, had that crash test dummy dog not been restrained in the PupSaver seat.

Our crash tested seats are rear-facing, like a baby car seat. The PupSaver is attached by 5 seatbelt buckles as well as 2 metal j-hook LATCH attachment points (backseat optional). In the case of a collision, your dog will be protected by the following measures: 1) on impact, the rear-facing PupSaver will engage with the SRS system in your vehicle's seatbelt, pulling it close to the seat back 2) your dog's body will be enclosed inside the PupSaver which now "clamshells" over with the tension of the seatbelt pulling the top part of the seat down 3) your dog is protected from becoming projectile, but more importantly, they are protected from impact with hard surfaces or from the second impact of the seatbelt causing neck or spinal injury via a seatbelt harness. If you watch our crash test footage on our Crash Tested page, or read and view photos of our customer testimonials on the Testimonial page you will get a visual concept of how PupSaver works to keep your dog safer than any other canine travel product on the market.

Q: How do I install my PupSaver seat?



1) To reshape, take PupSaver out of box and remove bottom seat cushion. ​Turn PupSaver inside out and squeeze sides together. 

2) While the seat cushion is out, ​adjust the tether​ to the length of your dog’s front legs. The tether should be long enough for them to sit up, but short enough that they cannot step out of the PupSaver.

3) Turn the PupSaver back and​ return the seat bottom cushion. Pull tether through the cushion hole. ​You are now ready to install the seat in your car.

For more videos, please visit our YouTube Channel! You can find all of our crash test videos, installation tips and even a few TV appearances there:

Q: HELP! My PupSaver Is Folding And/ Or Feels Too Small For My Dog...Do I need a PupSaver 45?

1) After un-boxing, did you reshape (scroll up for instructions above) your PupSaver Seat before installing, by flipping the entire seat inside out and allowing it to unfold?

If not, please try this, as it makes a HUGE difference in the interior “square footage”.

2) When you went to install, did you leave the Seatbelt Clamp (photo below) in place? If not, please leave that clamp in place so that the top of the PupSaver will not close on top of your dog.


Lastly, we would recommend that you make sure that your PupSaver is not tilted, which often happens in bucket style seats. If the front end of the PupSaver is higher than the back end this will result in a folding of the PupSaver seat, which will greatly reduce your pup’s comfort level. To maintain a level surface you may need to purchase a PupSaver Booster Wedge (available through this link: Or, a similar result can be achieved through rolling up a towel and placing it at the back end of the PupSaver (under the bolster), to help counter the tilt of the bucket seat.

As for a larger seat - for dogs under 35 lbs - this typically should not be necessary, if all of the above steps are followed. Also, please note that the PupSaver 45 is only for use in the back seat only and is significantly more difficult to fit into most vehicles.

If you still need to speak with someone regarding installation, sizing or folding issues, please call us at 844-SAVR-PUP (844-728-7787) we will be happy to walk you through the install.

Q: How do I attach all of the buckles on my Pupsaver? 

Please see our Troubleshooting Guide To Attaching Buckles Here:


Q: How do I set up my PupStroller?

Please watch this YouTube Video for a PupStroller Set Up Tutorial!

Q: What is PupSaver's return policy?


For items in unused, like-new condition (*please see details below), you will be refunded 100% of your PupSaver purchase price only if we are notified by email within 14 days of receipt of your PupSaverwith an order number, to verify sale and date.

All returns are subject to a return shipping charge, plus a 20% restocking fee if products are returned in used condition. We do not accept returns past 30 days of receipt of our product.

Please note that you will be responsible for return shipping costs to our warehouse. In other words, we pay for the item to be shipped to you, but you will need to pay for it to be shipped back to us, should you decide to return for any reason.

*Items must be returned in clean, like-new condition: tags attached, all parts included, in original box and poly bags. If dirt or dog fur is found anywhere on the item, you will be charged a restocking fee.

After product is shipped back to our warehouse, we will inspect and issue a refund, minus a 20% restocking fee, where applicable.

*Please measure your vehicle’s seats before purchasing a PupSaver to avoid return shipping and restocking fees.

*Please keep shipping box & all original packaging, in case you need to return your PupSaver.

Q: What are the measurements for PupSaver Seats?

Here are the exact product dimensions:

PupSaver Petite - 20” (seat width) x 10” (seat bottom depth) x 13” (seat back height)

PupSaver (all colors) - 24" (interior width - the part your dog sits on) *28" (exterior width at widest point - see note below) x 16" (seat bottom depth) x 16" (seat back height)

PupSaver 45 - **31” (seat bottom width - see note below) x 23” (seat bottom depth) x 23” (seat back height)

*PLEASE NOTE: PupSaver Seats are COMPLETELY constructed of ballistic nylon. There are no hard foam pieces (like a booster seat), so the PupSaver is somewhat flexible. We very rarely encounter a vehicle which cannot accommodate an Original Size PupSaver.

**PLEASE NOTE: PupSaver 45 is a large car seat. Please measure your vehicle's back seat before purchasing to prevent return shipping and restocking fees.

xx-small petite = neck girth: 10.5", chest girth: 12.5" (not adjustable)

xx-small = neck girth: 14", chest girth: 16"

x-small = neck girth: 17", chest girth: 18-22"

small = neck girth: 20", chest girth: 19-26"

medium = neck girth: 22", chest girth: 24 - 28"

Q: How long will it take to get my PupSaver?

Orders are typically processed (label created) within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Orders placed over the weekend are processed the following Monday (barring any holiday closure). 

Once processed, FedEx or USPS will pick up orders and tracking should commence within 24 hours. Please note it could take up to 48 hours for you to see movement in tracking, once en route.

Expect that your PupSaver could take up to 7 business days to arrive, assuming there are no carrier-related delays. For any questions regarding your order, please email us through the Contact Form or call 844-728-7787 (844-SAVR-PUP). You can also look up your order by clicking "Track My Order" via our Chat feature.

Q: How do I clean my PupSaver?

PupSaver is NOT manufactured with a removable cover. The zipper on the back is for production purposes only and should not be opened for any reason. We suggest purchasing a PupSaver Washable Cover to keep the bottom cushion clean and odor-free. If you get a stain on the PupSaver, please spot clean with warm water and non-toxic cleaner.

Q: Do I have to use a PupSaver-Compatible Harness with my PupSaver?

The PupSaver-Compatible Harness was used in crash testing and was proven safe and effective. We also suggest using the PupSaver-Compatible Harness, since the additional chest side D-ring makes for easier and more comfortable experience for you and your dog. 

Do NOT use a collar with your PupSaver. 

Q: Can I put two dogs together in a PupSaver?

No, it is not recommended that more than one dog is placed in any single PupSaver seat, even if their combined weights are under the limit. Having two dogs in one seat could result in a collision on impact, causing serious head or neck injury. They may enjoy each other's company, but safety always comes first.

We do offer a Buy One, Get One $40 Off promo - just enter code MULTIBOGO at checkout!

Q: But...will 2 PupSavers fit in my backseat?

Yes! Even compact cars can fit 2 PupSavers in the back. Some mid-size sedans (and definitely SUV's) have the capacity to fit 3 in the back seat:)

Q: Why the rear-facing design? What if my dog doesn't like this type of seat?

Please Note: Your DOG can sit forward-facing (or any direction they please, including looking out the window). The PupSaver SEAT is installed rear-facing for safety (your dog is caught by the high back of the PupSaver seat, in the case of a collision or hard stop, like a catcher's mitt closing around a baseball).

The reasons for having a rear-facing dog car seat are similar to the reasons we keep infants and children up to 30 lbs in a rear-facing seat, for as long as possible. According to auto accident data, the majority of injuries in small children occur from coming into contact with hard surfaces in the car, like dashboards and front seat backs. For unrestrained pets, this hard surface could be a windshield, front seat back, hard crate or worse...PupSaver is the only pet product manufacturer to address this concern and take safety beyond restraint. Our patented rear-facing design mimics an infant safety seat and keeps your dog's head and neck supported and safe. Providing this kind of energy absorption is something that a seatbelt harness or crate can never do. Watch those "Top Performing" seatbelt harnesses and crate crash tests again and observe the way the test dog's body flails and lunges forward. Keep in mind that you have no idea what happens in the real world to the real dog, snapping at the end of that harness or hitting the inside of that crate.

As far as comfort goes - most dogs do not have any trouble immediately getting very cozy in their PupSaver! In fact, what we most often hear is that PupSaver is the only seat that nervous car riders will actually use! Of course, there are exceptions...But we will ask - if your baby didn't like sitting in a rear-facing seat, would you let them sit front-facing just to appease them? No, of course not. So why let our precious furkids ride in a way that could cause them injury? If there is an utter non-compliance issue, please contact us and we will work to resolve the problem. Positive reinforcement and an "introductory period" (where the PupSaver is used as a bed inside the house for a number of days) has worked wonders in the past.

Promo and Discount Codes

Promo and discount codes are only valid for full priced PupSaver items and they are not valid during fundraisers or sales.

"Promo stacking" is not allowed. Only one promo code may be used at once, due to terms on our Shopify website. 

Thank you for understanding. 


Shipping To Canada/ Alaska/ Hawaii

We do offer shipping outside the Continental US, however, it is extremely costly for our tiny business to do so at this time.

There is a $50 additional charge for all Canada orders and please note that you are also responsible for all duties and taxes for your PupSaver delivery.

Alaska and Hawaii orders will include an additional $75 shipping charge.

Please email us with any questions at


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