Helpful PupSaver Videos

This Page Is Dedicated To The FANTASTIC Videos That Our Customers Have Uploaded To YouTube Through The Years! 

Here's our latest fabulous (and extremely thorough) video from Molly & Mickey a.k.a., TwoHappyBostons, which shows a PupSaver unboxing, installation and more! 

Got a Booster Wedge For Your PupSaver And Wondering How To Install? This TwoHappyBostons video is for you!

And here's the dynamic duo TwoHappyBostons at it again! This time showing how to use the PupSaver Rear Seat Mirrors:)


This video review from a customer is from a few years back, but we appreciate the careful comparison made between PupSaver and a popular crash-tested harness brand:

And here's a review from another customer, which is especially helpful, showing how PupSaver can be used in the front or back seat (or, both at the same time!)