Easy Install Instructions!

Here are a few suggestions for a successful and stress-free PupSaver installation experience!

1) Once you receive the PupSaver, take it out of the box and remove the bottom seat cushion. Pop the PupSaver inside out and squeeze the sides together. This helps reshape the seat, since it’s been folded inside the box.


2) Now that you have the seat cushion out, adjust the tether to the length of your dog’s front legs. The tether should be long enough for them to stand up, but short enough that they cannot step out of the PupSaver.


3) Pop the PupSaver back and return the seat bottom cushion to its original placement. You are now ready to install the seat in your car.




Please note that there are a total of 7 plastic seatbelt attachment “buckles” and 2 metal “j-hooks” on your PupSaver seat. You will only use 5 of the plastic buckles during installation. Depending on which side of the car you are installing the seat, 2 plastic buckles will not be used. SEE PHOTOS BELOW BEFORE INSTALLATION. 


5) Pull the seatbelt all the way out and using the clip provided, clamp the seatbelt at the retraction point, so that the seatbelt cannot retract. The printed instructions in the box will help make this clear.


6) Please refer to the printed instructions for attaching the 3 PupSaver buckles onto the lap portion of the seatbelt and 2 metal j-hooks, if installing in the back seat. The j-hooks will only attach to the LATCH anchor system in the back seat of your vehicle, used for child car seats. (*Please see picture below)


So at this point, you should have used only the 3 buckles along the front of the PupSaver (and 2 j-hooks if installing in back seat) to attach the PupSaver to the lap potion of the seatbelt.


7) There are now 4 buckles left on the back of the PupSaver. ONLY USE TWO TO FORM A DIAGONAL LINE WITH THE SHOULDER HARNESS PORTION OF THE SEATBELT SYSTEM…TWO BUCKLES WILL NOT BE USED. (**Please see picture below)


At this time you can leave the clip at the seatbelt retraction point, if the seatbelt feels and looks too tight on the back of the PupSaver, which will cause it to fold over.


Congratulations! You are now ready to put your pup in their PupSaver and go for a ride!


Please call 844-728-7787 (844-SAVR-PUP) or email judy@pupsaver.com with any questions - we are here to help make this installation easy!

*Photo 1 (step #6): depicts (1) the 3 plastic buckles along the front of the PupSaver, circled in red, that will be used for attachment to the lap portion of the seatbelt and (2) the j-hooks, circled in blue, that will be used in the back seat only.

**Photo 2 (step #7): depicts the 4 buckles on the back of the PupSaver, 2 of which will be used to make a diagonal line, using the shoulder harness portion of the seatbelt.