Every week, we receive pictures of happy dogs in their PupSavers and it warms our hearts.

We hear about how much dogs love their new seats; how pet parents have a new peace of mind while driving. But every once in a while, we hear from a customer who has recently been in a crash... it's hard to read those emails, but as you'll read below, PupSavers save lives. And that makes what we do worth doing!

Janet and Her Toy Poodle Baby's Story

I Was Hit Head-On August 18 2017. 
I had Baby in her PUPSAVER Car seat. If she had not had it, she would have Not made it. So for anyone who is skeptical, unfortunately we have the knowledge of what a wonderful product they created . I was hit head-on by a driver going 55 mph. I have 2 Toy Poodles & Two PUPSAVER Car seats & Harness.

- Janet H.

THANK YOU PUPSAVER for saving Lyla and Rocket's lives.*Updated - An UNBELIEVABLE 2nd accident occurred


On a beautiful sunny March morning this year - 2017, my therapy dog, Rocket and I were on our way to work at an area hospital.  Rocket loves making rounds to the cancer center, the sickle cell clinic and 2 Medical – Surgical floors.   But that day we did not make it to work – ANOTHER ACCIDENT!

I never imagined there would be another accident.  And again, I can’t express how blessed I was to have Rocket, my toy poodle in his PUPSAVER Car Seat. 

At a complete stop, yielding at an intersection to the Police racing by – BOOM.   The car behind me did not see me nor heard the Police sirens and collided into the rear end of my car at 30 -35 mph.  It was a tremendous impact throwing me forward and injuring my neck and shoulders.   My car could be repaired but his was totaled and hauled away.  

Most importantly my little guy was OK – very shaken up but safe.  If he was not in his seat he could have been in the windshield.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to always secure your dog in the car.  There is not a safer more comfortable way for my  dogs to travel than PUPSAVER.  I have 3 dogs – Lyla, my pup, in my first accident, Rocket in this one and Dandy.  Each one of them ride safely and comfortably in  their own PUPSAVER Seat.  I would not have it any other way - they are my kids and deserve the best!

Original Post - Jayne and Lyla's 1st Accident (September 2015):

Lyla's Pupsaver after a car crash

We were on our way to volunteer at an area hospital. Lyla, my papillon, is a therapy dog. We are a registered therapy team with Pet Partners and have been visiting at this hospital for years.

I secured the PupSaver in the front seat, then I put Lyla in her harness and fastened her into her seat.

It started as a routine visit day --- I purchased the PupSaver seat in February of this year. Lyla loves to going on therapy visits, but gets car sick. The only place she was comfortable and did not get sick was the front seat. PupSaver was the perfect solution for her comfort and safety. With both of us secure – off we went.

We were less than 5 minutes from home – 1 mile away - an intersection I have traveled thousands of times and it happened. All of the sudden --there was a truck that turned in front of me - I was going 30 MPH and could not stop in time ---- CRASH - the violent jerk, the sound of glass crushing and smell of the airbag deployment were the first thing I remember. The next thing was looking over and seeing Lyla bugged eyed and shaking staring up at me. She was just sitting there, what a wonderful sight to see her - just sitting there in her PupSaver seat – she was okay. She was safely tucked in her seat, protected from the airbags that deployed, or hitting the dash, or worse going full force into the windshield.

The car and I were not spared --- the car was totaled and I received numerous bruises and a broken leg. I got a new car and my leg will heal but I would never have recovered if anything happened to Lyla. She and her PupSaver seat– both unharmed - look great in the new car. We will be back visiting once my leg is healed.

-Jayne Frye

Vets Love Us Too!!

Dr. Carver at Humane Animal Hospital in Plano, TX Loves The PupSaver and Recommends For All of His Patients (up to 45 lbs:) )!




Vet Approved Dog Car Seat

... says Kelly Trogdon, doctor of veterinary medicine at Faithful Friends in Cumming, Georgia. “The Pupsaver ™ is unique because it cushions dogs in the event of a crash (or sudden stop). But even more importantly, it absorbs the unpredictable impact of a deployed airbag, which could injure or kill a little dog riding in the front seat.” Trogdon praises Bennett’s dedication to dogs and their safety. “During an accident you can’t care for your pet, and people are the top priority for emergency medical personnel,” says Trogdon. “Animals who don’t receive prompt care can become permanently traumatized. I routinely recommend medication, leashes and services, so I am excited to recommend the Pupsaver ™!!!”

Dr. Kelly Trogdon


A client of our animal hospital ordered a car seat for my new family member. As a veterinarian technician for 19 years I have used different ways to transport pets in the car. My adopted, blind Shih Tzu loves to travel in the car, but does not crate well. For some reason (probably from her past) she goes into a panic when shut in a kennel. I was using one of the old dog seats that hook over the seat and is a fleece box. It worked well, but offered no protection. I am very blessed to have wonderful people in my life, like my client, who saw my post on Facebook about this car seat. I had reposted it from an article I saw so that I would remember where to get them and to let others know about them. “Misses Magoo” loves her new ride. She gets right in and knew from day one this was her ride. I even used it for my rat terrier who is a nervous wreck in a car and I always can’t wait to get to work to get her out of the car and in this seat she was so quiet you didn’t know she was in the car. Awesome job creating this car seat. I love that it is light weight! The years in this job have not been kind to my back and this is so much easier than loading crates!

Yours truly,
Linda C.,
RVT Southwood Animal Hospital Atlanta, GA



I just got my pupsaver about two weeks ago- and murphy’s law, we just got rear-ended on the way home from dog beach. My 30 pound pup was in the front seat, and the pupsaver worked just like it was supposed to work- the seatbelt locked and my dog fell forward into the “catcher’s mitt” and seems to be no worse for the wear. I’m so grateful – and i’ve told ALL my friends. No damage to the pupsaver, it worked perfectly. I’m really just so grateful- my dog is in better shape than i am! I’m SO grateful not be spending the day in the vet’s office, or worse. And our accident was so minor- i can’t imagine if it had been worse. Your product is awesome and I will do everything in my power to promote it!

Thank you.


Pupsaver testimonial for small dogs

I’ve been thinking a lot about how potentially dangerous my dog’s current car booster seat and harness set up would be in a serious crash, so tonight when I saw the video of your crash test on Facebook, I decided to buy him one for his fifth birthday, which is tomorrow. Now I can feel less anxious about him being hurt in an accident.

Thank you so much!
Marian from Guttenberg, NJ


Small dogs in a car seat pupsaver

My husband and our lil Willow were in a head-on collision on Dec 1st. They both ended up in an ER and both came out a week later and healed from another driver’s distraction as he swerved into my husband’s car. Willow was in the passenger seat with no harness. She suffered more injuries than my husband did and we never would’ve forgiven ourselves if she didn’t make it. Her spleen was removed due to internal bleeding it endured from all the impact. Today, with no spleen, she is jumping around and begging for treats and doesn’t show any sign of the accident. We promised to find something that would ultimately protect her little soul. Enter the Pup Saver!! We have never taken her for a ride without it. Thank you for your super smart invention and we thank Gizmo for insipiring our love for our furry friends.

Willow sends her love as well.
Thank you!


Safest way to travel with a dog

Hi, everyone! Today I have a review of the redesigned PupSaver, a safety seat/car seat for dogs up to 30lbs. The PupSaver protects and cushions your dog in the event of a sudden stop or impact and also keeps your dog contained so you can focus on the road…