Crash Test Videos

Crash Testing Performed at MGA Research By PupSaver

Through the years, we've spent over $100K developing a safety seat that would protect any dog, up to 45 lbs. It should be noted that ALL PUPSAVER SEATS HAVE PASSED RIGOROUS CANINE VARIATIONS OF THE FMVSS 213 under the guidance and supervision of our safety design engineer. If you would like any additional information on our crash testing program, please email us at

Below are two videos from the crash tests performed at MGA Research Corporation (an NHTSA contracted research facility that regularly tests vehicles' seatbelts and infant car seats), with appropriately weighted crash test dog dummies. To view all of our crash test videos, instructional videos and TV appearances, please visit our YouTube Channel:

You'll see in both videos below that the PupSaver envelops the dog, shielding them from the forward forces that would cause the dog to become projectile. The soft foam and ballistic nylon shell soften the blow, distributing the dog's forward momentum across multiple points of contact with the seat.

Each PupSaver connects to two UAS (universal anchorage system) hooks, typically hidden in the meeting point of the seat back and bottom. These UAS hooks are built for crash tests and are the most secure way to keep a seat in place. Next, we loop the seat belt over the back, through the seatbelt-grade nylon webbing, to provide the closing force to keep your pet enveloped on impact. No other crash tested crate, booster seat or seatbelt harness can provide this type of protection. 

Original PupSaver

PupSaver 45