Crash Test Videos

This is what will happen to your dog during a crash when protected with a Pupsaver...

When I developed Pupsaver, I knew the restraint had to be effective. I knew it had to hold up to the extreme forces of a collision between two fast moving cars. That's why I spent so much time engineering a restraint that would work for any dog, up to 45 lbs. 

Below are two videos from the crash tests we've had performed on the Air Pupsaver 25 and Air Pupsaver 45. You'll see in both videos that the Pupsaver envelopes the dog, shielding them from the forward forces that would otherwise throw them into the front seat. The soft foam and innovative air cushions soften the blow, distributing the dog's forward momentum across multiple points of contact with the seat.

Each Pupsaver connects to two UAS (universal anchorage system) hooks, typically hidden in the meeting point of the seat back and bottom. These UAS hooks are built for crash tests and are the most secure way to keep a seat in place. Next, we loop the seat belt over the back, through the high-strength nylon webbing, to provide the closing force to keep your pet enveloped.

There is no other product on the market that is as safe and secure for your pet as the Pupsaver. That's why we were awarded both design and utility patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Air Pupsaver 25

For dogs up to 25lbs

Air Pupsaver 45

For dogs up to 45lbs