The Pet Noggle Vent Extender (For Use With PupSaver Seats)

The Pet Noggle Vent Extender (For Use With PupSaver Seats)

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Pet Noggle AC/ Heat Vent Extender (For Use with PupSaver Seats)

Color: Black Ice -  3 Lengths Available - See Photos For Sizing Guide

30 Second Install - See Video Below!
  • BE PREPARED IN SUMMER AND WINTER - the Noggle extends both cool and hot air directly from your vehicle dash vent to your pets in the backseat. Keep furry ones cool in the scorching summer heat and toasty warm in the frosty winter cold when you are traveling in the car
  • 8 FOOT LENGTH, BLACK ICE – Noggles are available in a variety of lengths and cover designs, check your vehicle dimensions before purchasing. Stores away neatly when not in use
  • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE - the Noggle conveniently installs / removes in seconds. Simply attach the hose to your air conditioning vent. Includes rectangular and circular dash plate connection adapter that works in most vehicles
  • VERSATILE AND MULTI-USE - the Noggle is also designed for all weather and transfers cold or warm air to the backseat of your automotive vehicle
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR PET PARENTS - purchase peace of mind and ensure your fur babies in the back seat are temperature comfortable on car journeys, allowing you to focus on driving 
  • Installation Takes 30 Seconds!

Customer Reviews

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Not worth it

Doesn’t fit the ac vents in my car very well. Would work better if it had a fan attachment inside the hose to propel the air. This gives a weak stream of air at best even with the ac cranked to high.

Lisa Robel
Great Little Accessory!

Even though it was MUCH harder to install than noted in the documentation, we got it installed and ran it to the backseat. I have a Ford Focus and bought the medium one so that I had some wiggle room on placement.

It definitely shoots air and the pampered pooch didn't seem bothered by it at all. I sat back there while my hubby drove us around the block (LOL yes, I know. I KNOW). I kept my hand inside the seat so I could feel the temperature and it was just right.

This is definitely worth getting if you are concerned about your dog being too hot or too cold in seat.


Hardly any air comes through. Neither attachment point fits the vents. Disappointing for the cost. I’d say for my experience it’s worth about ten bucks. Also, the Velcro attachment is awkward and it does not hang or lay well over the pup saver where the dog’s face would be. My dog likes air on his nose.

Kathy K
Works Awesome!

I love this, it works perfectly! I, and Louie, could not be happier!

Sally Hildt
Great product!

I like it and my dogs really do! I initially got it because my younger dog has been getting carsick and I hoped that the fresh air in her crate would alleviate it. It did! I velcroed the end to her door and she rides with her nose in the pipe, eyes closed, no puking at all. Then I used it with the PupSaver on a trip with my other dog and the air blowing in his face made him smile.