Replacement LARGE PupSaver 45 Seat Cushion

Replacement LARGE PupSaver 45 Seat Cushion

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Replacement PupSaver 45 Cushion in Black and White Houndstooth

This is the LARGE size PupSaver seat cushion. The Original size PupSaver seat cushions are currently out of stock.

We understand that accidents happen (and you may not have purchased a PupSaver Plush Cushion Cover to throw in the wash)! No worries - just grab a replacement cushion, remove the soiled cushion and replace with the new.

This item is currently available in Black and White Houndstooth Color option and for Original and PupSaver45 PupSaver size seats, only. Please visit this link for the Original (10 - 30 lb.) PupSaver Seat Cushion Replacement. 

We also offer PupSaver Plush Seat Covers in Black Plush that may be purchased separately, to help match with many of our other seat colors.

*Please note, this is the bottom cushion - the part of the PupSaver that your pup sits on - inside the seat. It pops right out for tether adjustments or easy replacement. The tether is not included with purchase - it is the cushion only.