Black & White Houndstooth Original PupSaver (For Dogs Up To 30 lbs)

Black & White Houndstooth Original PupSaver (For Dogs Up To 30 lbs)

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Original PupSaver –Color Black And White Houndstooth ON SALE NOW!

  • Crash tested, rear-facing design will catch your dog upon impact and act as a protective barrier to prevent contact with hard surfaces.
  • For use with dogs up to 30 lbs.
  • Five total seatbelt-grade plastic clips (reversible for use behind driver and passenger seats) lock PupSaver in place and integrate with seatbelt pretensioner in case of an accident to pull PupSaver safely over your dog.
  • Full polyfill throughout (no inflation required!).
  • Additional stitching, reinforced nylon backing at all attachment points.
  • Heavy-duty metal j-hooks for lower LATCH (child safety seat) anchors in the back seat.
  • New all-metal tether attachment system provides security at the base of the seat.
  • Can be used in the front or back seat.
  • Can double as a pet bed while traveling.

Product Specs:

*Please measure your car’s seat before purchasing.

  • Original PupSaver Seat Size = 24”(seat width) x 12” (seat bottom depth) x 18” (seat back height) Note: PupSaver is a flexible product and will fit in most cars.
  • Weight = 7 lbs.

  • Seat Cover Fabric – Nylon.
  • Filling – Polyester Fiber.
  • Seat Pad Filling – Polyurethane foam.
  • Webbing – Polyester.
  • Tether Clasp/ Tether Attachment Points – Metal. 

Customer Reviews

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2nd purchase, could not be more happy!

This is my second purchase of a Pup Saver. The first was many years ago and it is still in fine shape. I'm a former AKC breed club President, and I first became aware of PupSaver through the AKC when it came out as a new product. There are not sufficient words to say how excellent the PupSaver is as a product; it's engineering and manufacture and materials are truly awesome. I am amazed at how perfectly my first PupSaver has aged over many years - not a single flaw! Not a single thread out of place. We've used it all the time including to messy fun placces like the beach. It's been in my cars over the years constantly. It's at a price point that rivals other completely different and insufficient solutions that do not provide any true crash safety at all! I've purchased a second PupSaver because of a second dog. I'll not consider any other car seat. I also cannot sufficiently express how wonderful it is to have the peace of mind knowing of the superb engineering and crash testing that keeps my beloved family members safe when we drive. Please note, I have nothing to do at all with the PupSaver business; I'm not associated with the owners or the business in any way.
I really cannot say enough about how superb the PupSaver is in every way. Do not even consider any other safety seat or product - there isn't any other solution like it. Thank you PupSaver!


My Maggie loves her Pup Saver. She gets car sick, but last weekend we took a four hour road trip one way and four hours back. She did not get sick even once and no gagging. Completely comfortable for her and me. No distractions for me while driving. I would just say read the installation instructions carefully and follow Word for word , and it’s a breeze. Well worth the money. Get yours now!


Best pet purchase ever!

Pup saver

My dog Goldie loves her pup saver car seat. We have been on a 9 hour trip with potty breaks, and she slept most of the time. I love that she is safe now while riding in the car .i also bought the pup saver harness. Love it, although I had to make the chest straps smaller for it to fit her. Ordered the XS , should have ordered the XXS. She is a 8 pound toy poodle. Very pleased with the pup saver products!


Thank you for easing the mind of an overprotective dog mom! Our little one can still peek out the window, but is also soothed by the softness of the Pupsaver and is finally able to calm down quicker on longer or rougher rides. Short trips were always fun, but long ones were stressful for him. Now, with the Pupsaver he stays comfortable much longer and I am not risking my own safety craning over my shoulder to look and see if he's okay in the backseat while I am driving -- he's strapped in safe and sound! Working in the auto claims, I hear it all, and I know now he's as safe as he can be.