PupSaver Compatible Harnesses - Black & White Houndstooth

PupSaver Compatible Harnesses - Black & White Houndstooth

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PupSaver Compatible Harnesses

Black & White Houndstooth

Don't risk your dog's life to an untested, uncomfortable and unsafe harness! The PupSaver Harness is the only harness we recommend for use with all PupSaver models. Please email our Harness Guru at judy@pupsaver.com with any questions!

Please keep in mind - harnesses are not meant to be a custom fit. If you can just fit your fingers beneath the harness and your dog's fur, it fits.

Please size up if you are worried your pup might grow a little more (or gain a little weight). 


*Typically Fits: Dogs Weighing Up To 5 Lbs ONLY (Not Adjustable)


*Typically Fits: Dogs Weighing 6 -13 LBS (Some 5 - 7 lb dogs with smaller girths may find this harness too large)


*Typically Fits: Dogs Weighing 13-21 LBS


*Typically Fits: Dogs Weighing 20-30 LBS


 *Typically Fits: Dogs Weighing 30-45 LBS

The PupSaver Harness is:

Crash Tested — Our harnesses have been through the same rigorous crash tests as the AirPupSaver and have been proven crash test safe again and again. Because of this, we only recommend using the PupSaver Harness with the PupSaver. 

Comfortable — Dogs love their PupSaver Harness. The front (chest-side) D-ring makes the PupSaver riding experience easier for your dog by keeping their point of connection at a stable, low connection. This allows you to give your pup slack to be comfortable, without risking choking.

Easy to Use — The buckles we chose for the PupSaver Harness make for quick and safe attachment/detachment. Many owners use their PupSaver harness as their regular harness-of-choice on walks. The low connection point on the chest helps keep dogs that pull from walking you



Customer Reviews

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The fit is perfect! Comfortable for my Cavalier King Charles!


Replacing other hardness

Michelle Rondone

Runs too large. My dog slips out of it. She is 13lbs and bought the extra large. If your dog is at the cut off weight, I would go smaller.

Stella Papadopoulos
Secure in Canada

Feel so safe with my new @pupsaver car seat. Ricky feels more secure and comfortable too. Highly recommend!
Installation was a breeze, I recommend getting the harness that goes with the car seat tether- keeps your puppy safe.
Because my puppy is still small. I also bought the wedge which elevates him so he can see out the window without standing up in the car seat.

It’s all about safety. Don’t think of the car seat as an expense, because if you get into an accident and your puppy gets hurt, your vet bills will far exceed the cost of a car seat. Worse still why risk injury in the first place. It’s been certified crash tested- check out their IG @pupsaver

Not to mention the security that you have while driving. You don’t have to keep looking over to make sure your dog is still in the car seat. Your dog is safe in the car seat even when you have to make a sudden stop or a sharp turn.

So grateful for the outstanding customer support, I live in Canada and my shipment arrived in a couple of days it was seamless.

The shipping fees are so worth it because you have a product delivered quickly in good condition, don’t worry about customs fees they are only $25.

Nancy Wagner
Fits perfectly

Fits my little Italian Grayhound foster like a glove