PupSaver Wedge (For 2

PupSaver Wedge (For 2" Boost/ Anti-Fold)

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PupSaver Wedge

One Product - Two Great Uses!

For those asking, "What if my tiny dog can't see out the window?"...don't worry - we now have a solution! 

For those saying, "My seats are tilted and the PupSaver is folding over my dog!"...say no more - we have a solution for you!

The PupSaver Wedge will give any Original or Petite size PupSaver a bit of a boost - as well as help to correct the tilt of some bucket style seats.

The PupSaver Wedge can be used in the front or back seat.

To use the PupSaver Wedge, follow these 3 steps:

1) Buckle your seatbelt into the fastener, dividing the seatbelt into 2 sections: the lap belt and the shoulder belt. Move the shoulder belt out of your way.


3) Pull the lap belt part of the seatbelt over the thicker part of the wedge to gain access to that part of the seatbelt when installing the PupSaver.

You may now proceed with installation instructions as usual.

Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Livingston
Pupsaver wedge works but Daisy likes folded seat

I bought 2 PupSaver’s for my dogs. I thought the dogs wouldn’t like them because the seats slanted and folded in but both dogs liked the seats and settled in very comfortable immediately. I saw the wedge and thought the dogs would prefer the pupsaver boosted and not slanted so I bought 2 wedges. Sadly, Willow passed away from her kidney disease before the wedge arrived. I installed the wedge on one seat for Daisy. It boosted the seat up and no more fold. Took Daisy for a cruise and she wasn’t pleased. She prefers the tilted seat with the fold. I think she feels more cozy and protected with the folding seat. She is visually impaired and very deaf. I think a dog that likes to look out the window would like the wedge feature. It was easy to install and solves the slant/fold. My dog just prefers the slant/fold comfy cave.
Gave wedge 5 stars because it does what it is advertised to do and I think many dogs would like to have a view. Pupsaver has excellent customer service.

Love this seat!

I purchased the 10-30 lb seat and wedge for my Sheltie pup who loved being in the car. The first time we tried it out, she was 11 weeks old and we were on our way to puppy class. She immediately cuddled up and I knew we made the right move. The 2" wedge provides some additional height so she could see out the window, which she also seems to enjoy. I will be purchasing another one, but this time I will go with the larger seat. She should not go over the weight limit but even though my other two Shelties are also within the weight limit for this one, I feel they would be just a tad more comfortable in the larger seat. The reviews complaining about installation are not warranted. Yes, it takes a minute or two to figure it out the first time but that should be expected with anything. I easily switch this from front to back seat when needed and it is well worth my time to know she is protected! Thank you for your efforts to produce this seat and listening to your customers to continually make improvements!

Wanda McGraw
Works great.

Just the right height to see out the window. Fits good in my car seat and doesn't slide around. Perfect!

David Furterer

PupSaver Wedge (For 2" Boost/ Anti-Fold)

Love looking out the window with it

Love this so much woof it let’s me see out the window more